WHO AM I...?

Not quite a "full-time" photographer
I'm not a full time photographer on one hand as I have a full-time day job as a public relations consultant.  Yet, on the other hand, I'm still a full-time photographer since I keep my eyes opened for capturing every single beautiful moment everyday even if I'm working.  I always joke with my friends that the last picture that I take will be the moment before I lose my breath.  So, yes.... may be I'm not a full-time photographer; I'm a "full-life" photographer!

Documentary + Sports + Landscape + Real-people portrait = That's me!
『生於亂世有種責任』- It means "being born in uncertain times carries certain responsibilities" in Chinese.  With Henri Cartier-Bresson as my life-time idol, I always want to be a documentary photographer that can portrait the history and the beautiful landscape of the age in a poetic way.  Apart from the quieter side,  I also take pictures for a lot of sport events, including MMA, BJJ, Racing, WaterSports, etc.  I simply enjoy the time of indulging myself into an exciting sports event, and capturing the best breath-taking moments.  Check out my works under the "portfolio" section.

Nope... I don't shoot much portrait as most of my friends who love taking pictures of pretty girls and spend a lovely day with them on a mountain or in a hotel room.  However, I do love to take portrait of "Real People" as they are, capturing the true essence of their life, and not to alter them to someone that I want them to be. 

Some clients/ events I worked with:

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